International Rescue Fund

International Rescue Fund
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Your tax-deductible contribution to Save the Manatee Club will help make funds available to rescue manatees in countries outside the United States and provide for their rehabilitation and release.

With your donations, Save the Manatee Club has been able to assist Wildtracks, a manatee rehabilitation center in Sarteneja, Belize. Twiggy (pictured above after she was rescued, with Paul Walker of Wildtracks), was a small manatee calf who washed up on the shore in Belize. With your help, this fragile baby has grown and gained strength, and now she is preparing for her next big adventure -- release back into the wild. Twiggy needs to be fitted with a satellite transmitter around the base of her tail so that her movements can be tracked after release. These tags, and the monthly monitoring fees to follow her movements, come with a heavy price tag. All told, we are looking at a cost of $7,200. Save the Manatee Club has agreed to pay for Twiggy's tag and monitoring cost, but this has taken a toll on our International Rescue Fund. Please help today to replenish this fund so that, in the future, we don't have to say "no" to orphan manatees like Twiggy. Thank you for your support!

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